Standard Room

2 adults
0 children
2 beds
0 m

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Check in/out time
Check In time: 2:00 pm
Check Out time: 12:00 pm
The Space
Adult number: 2
Bed number: 2
Children number: 0
Room Footage: 0
Price: ₱ 3,000.00
Discount: 15 %
Room Type
Standard Room
Room facilities
Air Conditioning
Bath towel
Daily Breakfast
Daily housekeeping
Free Wifi
We have prepared a highly standardized rooms, fully furnished, all with air conditioner and fan equipment....
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To maintain the safe and friendly environment we aim to foster for ‘”PA-LA0-YU DIVE RESORT” for everyone, we ask for your cooperation with regards in the following simple guidelines in addition to the ‘”TERMS AND CONDITIONS”.

  1. CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT TIME: Standard check-in time is 2:00pm while check-out time is 12 noon.
  2. GUESTS STAY EXTENSIONS: All request for extensions of stay must be advised at least 24 hours prior to your expected departure date at the front desk for proper checking of room availability.
  3. DAMAGE AND LOSS: Should you wish to bring any items found in the room as souvenirs, kindly inform our front desk officer so that we can bill you accordingly. VANDALISM is strictly prohibited and appropriate actions shall be taken, COST of damages at the resort will be charged to the registered guests accordingly.
  4. ENERGY CONSERVATIONS: Pa-lao-yu encourages you to conserve natural resources by reducing the use of energy consuming facilities. Do consider this when making requests for additional sheets or services that may utilize energy and water gratuitously and please turn off the lights, aircon, fan and etc when not in use or when leaving the room.
  5. REQUEST FOR CLEANING OR MAKING UP ROOMS: Leave your room key at the front desk to arrange housekeeping services between 8:00am to 8:00pm only.
  6. PROHIBITED ITEMS AND ACTIVITIES: For everybody’s safety and protection, bringing in of any hazardous items inside PALAOYU’s premises such as explosives, flammable materials, firearms, illegal drugs, biohazards, electronic and electrical appliances that may interfere of obstruct with the computer or network system are strictly prohibited likewise illegal activities, all forms of gambling and prostitution are strictly prohibited and will be reported to the authorities.
  7. NO SMOKING POLICY: Smoking inside the room and hallway is not allowed. Designated smoking area is at the lobby area at open space and outside of the building located at the ground floor.
  8. CORKAGE FEE: For bringing in alcoholic drinks inside the hotel that may require services will be charged accordingly. Eating inside the room is not allowed unless guest/s are sick and not able to go up to the restaurant and please advised our front desk officer. Exemptions are being followed.
  9. RE-SELLING OF ROOMS: Re-selling of rooms is strictly prohibited and any transactions entered into in accordance therewith will not be honored.
  10. ROOM CAPACITY: Each room has its own maximum occupancy, additional person will be charged accordingly. WATER: Please be advised that water in the faucet is not potable.
  11. VISITOR: Allowed only at the lobby or at the restaurant upstairs up to 10:00pm only.


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₱ 3,000.00 ₱ 2,550.00
per 1 Night(s)

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